Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Thousand Marbles Followup

During my lifetime, I have always worked. I was one of those persons who put my job before all else in my life. My priorities were all messed up. I never took the time to enjoy my Saturday mornings so I missed a lot of enjoyment from the people and things around me. I devoted all my time and effort to the “job”. I was so egoistical to believe that I was so important to the company that I had to be there all the time and show them how good I was, how much they needed me and couldn’t possibly function without me and how devoted I was to the company. One thing I did learn at my last “job” was that no matter how hard you work and how much time you devote to the company, if the time comes and they want to “reduce their workforce” none of that matters. We are all expendable and can be replaced. What really matters is taking the time to enjoy those “Saturday Mornings”.

I can’t go back and change the past, but I can certainly take the time now to enjoy my “Saturday Mornings” and those people in my life. Even though I am “retired” now, I found myself once again not arranging my priorities. I was always doing things for other people and always busy with something or someone. I finally said “No More”. Now I do what I want to do before I devote any time to other things. I don’t disregard my responsibilities, but I do enjoy not feeling obligated to say yes all the time to request for my time.

We are getting ready to move into a house and one of the first things that I plan to do is plant a flower garden full of roses. I love roses but never had the time to tend to a garden of roses. Now I have the time and I plan to take full advantage of that time.

Another aspect of “Saturday Mornings” is making friends and enjoying them. I believe there are two kinds of friends; one is only an acquaintance that we call a friend and the other is a true friend that you can count on no matter what. In other words they accept you, warts and all and in turn you accept them, warts and all. I had lots of acquaintances but only two true friends. I value those two friends more than any material thing in my life. I know that I can talk to them about anything and I won’t hear it repeated by others. If I ask for advice they are willing to provide it, but if I don’t ask they don’t offer it. I in turn offer them the same in return.

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