Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Rainy Morning To All

It's raining here today and according to our wonderful weather person, it is the order of the day.  Sunday was not a good day for me, had to go to Walmart late in the afternoon and as I was leaving, a young woman backed out of her parking space at a high rate of speed and right into the front of my car.  She was driving a Ford Bronco and trashed the headlight, grill, lots of stuff inside the engine compartment on the drivers side of my car, a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII.  The estimate so far is at 3,400.00 for repairs if they can find all the parts needed.  Her vehicle had a few scratches on the back bumper.  She admitted fault in that she wasn't looking as she backed out.  I have never seen anyone exit a parking space that fast and the collision shook my whole car and the damage is unbelievable.  I got a severe case of whip lash over my entire body, lol, according to the ER doctor I saw on Sunday night.  I am still really sore this morning and my right hip and elbow are not feeling any better.  The accident was in Michigan which is a no fault state and that means our insurance company has to foot the bill for the repairs, medical, car rental, etc.,  It will not be a chargeable accident for me since she admitted fault to the deputy that made the report and thank you very much means that our deductible is waived.  I have to take the car into today for them to complete the estimate. They will tear it down to be sure there is no hidden damage and to be sure they have all the parts needed to make the repair.  It will take about 2 weeks by the time the process is complete.  I get a rental car, YEAH!!  Our insurance covers 16.00 per day for rental and Enterprise Car Rental has an economy car for 16.55 plus tax per day so that will only cost me about 20.00 and that is a good thing.  If I can figure out a way to get the picture on my cell phone to my computer, lol, I will post it.  Well enough of that, I have to start the process of getting ready to head out and get the car to the dealership.