Friday, January 26, 2007

Three Little Words "I am sorry"

Expressing three little words, “I am sorry” is never comfortable. Once it becomes necessary to say these words, provide an explanation so the recipient understands why they are being offered. Although, it is difficult to apologize, an apology will clear the air and all can move forward. These three words, “I am sorry” must never be taken lightly and not conveyed unless they come from the heart and are sincere. Never use them frivolously since that will not benefit anyone, especially the recipient. The motivation for an apology should be a desire to correct a wrong. All apologies will not be accepted. Do not allow nonacceptance to become an obstacle or deterrent from expressing them again if the need arises.

Recognizing what occurred that requires an apology, is never easy. If we take heed, our “gut” feelings will permit us to recognize when an apology is necessary. “Gut” feelings are those feelings that keep nagging at us that is not right, repair the damage! As we go through the process of recognition and apology, the need to verbalize these three words, “I am sorry” will diminish. Throughout this process, awareness will develop and you will begin to consider your words before you speak or take action that could injure someone’s heart and soul. In the end, a maturity will evolve resulting in making you a better person for having said, “I am sorry”.

These three little words, “I am sorry” in truth are the largest three words you can ever express to anyone.

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