Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Am Getting Old - Part Six

I know that I am getting old because optical mice are not my cup of tea. When I started using “personal computers”, the Compaq luggable was the only option available to me. It weighed too much to take anywhere and definitely did not fit the category of portable. You did not have to use a mouse, thank you very much. It was more like a big typewriter with a tiny screen to see your work. Anyway, as we made progress, I graduated to the top of the line. IBM had the market cornered then and our company used PS2 systems. That was a big step up for me.

Now back to the “mice”. I do not know whether to say mice or mouse but you know what I mean. The roller ball mouse worked just fine for me. They took some getting use to. Most people would move them around to fast or to far on their desk and the pointer would go crazy. I actually saw one of the people we were training, pick the mouse up, point it at the monitor and move it around with their hand to use it. I had to leave the room because I was on the verge of uncontrollable laughter.

In the last few years, they (whose is they) added a scroll button to the roller ball mouse. It works well and I have gotten use to using it now. It eliminates using the scroll bar on the screen. Then out came optical mice, no roller ball. Some of these are so small, they get lost in my gigantic hand. That is the kind of mouse I have today and it drives me crazy most of the time. I think the problem is EUD. For those of you who are young EUD is End User Defect, which is the cause of most computer problems people have, me included.

Anyway, I have not mastered the optical mouse. Most of them have a red light that stays on all the time and gets brighter as you touch it. What is up with that? For some reason beyond my comprehension, when I move the mouse, the pointer (cursor) goes crazy. It jumps to places I did not intend for it to go. This is a major problem since I manage to open windows or things I have no idea what they are or where they came from. I try to move the mouse pointer to where I want to click and sometimes I get lucky and it goes there. If anyone knows how to use these things, please let me know what the secret is.

I have never used a wireless mouse and frankly, I do not think I want to. Especially if it is anything like this “wonderful” optical mouse, I have now. Oh well this is progress and I wait with anticipation to see what the next invention will be.

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