Sunday, February 25, 2007

Meme - Why I blog?

Inmatez Wife posed this question on her blog Memoirs of An Inmates Wife and provoked thought as to why I blog. This was my response to her:

I use my blog much for the same reason you do. I can express my feelings and work through issues in my life. An added benefit is that I get to meet new friends and learn about their life and in some small way feel that I have become a part of it. This is something I wrote in a piece and it sums up my blogging. "I wish there was someone here to talk to, I can’t afford a physiatrist."

Now I tag these people and ask them why do you blog?

Talj -
Talj's Photo A Day 2007
Ruth -
There Are A Million Stories In The Naked City
Gene -
Turning The Pages of Life
Ashley -
From London, With Love
Surjit - gurushadbad Knowledge Seeker


Rex said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comments. Thanks.

RUTH said...

I see you've tagged me...shall try and get the post up tomorrow.

Inmatez Wife said...

Great answer there!!! Keep blogging-- no matter what.

talj said...

Ok, I've been tagged! Do I post my reply in my blog?? If so, I will do it tomorrow...26th February :o)

RUTH said...

I've done the deed!

Ashley said...

Just in case it doesn't happen in my blog -- I blog because I love to write. I love keeping a history of my life, of little moments that make me smile each day that I know I'll forget if I don't record them. I love connecting with friends and strangers, and I love giving people a peak into my life.

Gene Bach said...

Tagged!? Man, now I have to go to work! LOL!