Monday, May 28, 2007

I Am Getting Old – Part Seventeen

I am getting old because… I cannot hear the television unless the volume is on as high as it will go and I only sit about 5 feet from the set. Never fear though when the commercial comes on, it can be heard for blocks away. We bought one of those televisions that is supposed to deal with the “loud” commercials, but doesn’t work as advertised. Either that or the people who make commercials have figured out a way to override that feature.

Things I wonder about – How does a washing machine and/or dryer manage to turn articles of clothing inside out? Does the light in the refrigerator/car trunk really go out when the door/trunk is closed? Who decided how words are spelled and pronounced? When you ask someone how they are, do you really want an answer? Does your stomach really “stretch” when you gain weight? Is the earth really round (I know the surface has mountains, trees, buildings, etc.)? If the earth is round, why don’t we fall off or feel upside down as it turns on its axis? How does the brain accumulate and store so much information? How does your memory work? How do birds fly?


RUTH said...

I know exactly what you mean! I have to have the volume up and then keep hitting the mute button when the adverts come on! I enjoyed "the things you wonder about" machine always swallows a sock too...i put a pair in I'm sure but only one comes out. And isn't it funny the way we always say "Fine" when someone asks how we are, even if we are far from fine!...and if we see an empty seat we ask "Is anyone sitting there?"

Shadow said...

you sound like a little child with all those questions, heee heee heee. nothing wrong with wondering though.

Jeni said...

I'd really love to know how "memory" works! Mine seems not to function in the "here and now" at all or very little lately. LOL
And the TV - oh my yes, can I relate to that and especially how loud the darned commercials come through - give new meaning to the term "Loud and clear!" doesn't it? When people ask how I'm doing -I used to say "Without" and let them figure out what it was I was referring to that I was doing "without." Now, I tell them as long as I'm up and about, able to walk, I'm fine!

Gene Bach said...

If the earth is round, why don’t we fall off or feel upside down as it turns on its axis?
Gravity. It's the same thing that keeps me from jumping up and slam dunking a basketball. Well, that and the fact that an old fat cow.

How does the brain accumulate and store so much information?
I have a hearing aid in my left ear. When the information goes into the right side there's no way for it to escape. I can't remember if anything has gone in the left side.

How does your memory work?
My what? I have one of those? Who gave it to me?

How do birds fly?
A heck of a lot better than I do, that's for sure. I'll bet I fall a lot better than they do though.

Anonymous said...

You always make me smile.
Thanks for that ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, my dear Sylvia, how ARE you?

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Hi Sylvia. How are you? Hope you're in the best of health.

Missed you so much...

Shelby said...

I have to turn the volume up too!!

Oh well.

take care and happy midweek!! :)