Thursday, May 17, 2007

I Am Getting Old – Part Sixteen

(I managed to fix the problem on my own this morning. Somehow, the compose mode for my blogs had been turned off and I know for sure that I did not do that. I may be getting really old because there is now an icon for spell check and I do not remember it being there before. This post was written before the one titled help.)

I am getting old because…well, just because. If you remember, I got a new computer and downloaded a trial version of the Microsoft Office Suite. I use Word to write my posts and then copy and paste them to blogger. Something has to change. Either I need to find another word processor; use blogger to write (no spell checker so that is not a real option) or blogger has to do something about their formatting. I do not use any special formatting in Word so I do not understand what is happening when the post is pasted to blogger. Something happens to the spacing, the font and the justification. Heaven forbid if I use any of blogger’s formatting, which is limited at best. I do not want to do anything “fancy” but would like to be able to change the format at times without having to spend hours to undo or fix whatever goes wrong. It is almost enough to make me quit using blogger, (not really). I have used a few of the other “blog” sites and blogger works better than they do if you can believe that.

I do not understand what happens to posts days after they were posted. Case in point, I posted an item and viewed the blog and the post looked like I had intended it to look. Imagine my surprise when I viewed the blog this morning (a week later) and that one post had “changed”. Most of it had adopted the use of Italics that was intended for one line and the color I used for that one line. Makes you wonder, if someone or something at blogger has the job of “messing” up the posts so you will spend more time on the site “fixing” things. Maybe I just forgot and I am the one who posted it that way.


RUTH said...

I have a problem with my draft and preview never looking like the published article. I also have problems with double spacing suddenly appearing. However, blogger is easy to use when it's working properly so expect I shall stick with it. I'm lucky in as much I've always had spellchecker on my blog (of course it doesn't spellcheck the title).
Happy Blogging.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the preview never looks like the published deal. I don't even use it any more....
With the italics and color thing, Sylvia, you have to make sure you click it OFF after the portion you want in italics or a different color. Otherwise, it will think it is supposed to keep on going.
Let me know if you need more help cause I do know a few small things about Blogger and can amybe help you. But we can always get Noor Azman if we both are stumped.
P.S. Everything else o.k. with you?

Jeni said...

I have - on many occasions - problems with the italics, bold and color fonts on blogger that I use when I post the Bushisms. And yes, I do turn the damned things off after I use 'em but they like to turn themselves back on or not go off -whatever- much of the time, which does tend to irritate me a bit.
Working with Word is nice until you go to to copy it into your e-mail or paste it into you blog - and then it turns things every which way but loose I think!

I have open office on my computer too but have never tried it to copy/paste so don't know if it has the same quirks there as Word does or not.

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I would write my post in HTML mode so that I can control my format. I'm happy you got your setting back.

Gene Bach said...

Just remember Sylvia, computers are our friends. LOL!!!!! Yeah, right.

The blogger things does take some getting used to. I don't have a lot of trouble with it anymkore, but then I don't tend to do a lot of fancy stuff either.