Saturday, February 10, 2007

God's Work

God works in mysterious ways. I believe that things happen for a reason in our lives. We just need to recognize that they are God’s work. Not long ago, I was on my way to have some copies made and I passed by a small dress shop, Oh Donna. Something in the back of my mind said you need to stop on your way back and I did just that. When I entered, I looked around for a few minutes and one of the sales clerks approached me. We started to talk and I told her that I was new to the area and had seen the shop quite by accident. She asked me where I was from and why I came to Phoenix. I explained to her that I came from Indiana because of martial problems and chose Phoenix because I had to get far away from my husband and that my son lives here.

To my amazement, she said the same thing had happened to her. We talked some more about the details of our lives and I was on the verge of tears. She said you need a hug, hugged me, and told me you will be okay. She asked if I had found a church and I told her no, that I did not have a car yet and it is hard to get around. She told me about a few churches that are within walking distance and said there was always someone who would be willing to pick me up and take me home. It seems as if the owner of the shop teaches classes at some of these churches for women like us, who have had to leave a marriage because of abuse. She teaches them how to deal with the grief associated with the loss of a part of your soul and not the marriage itself. I have been back several times to the shop and unfortunately the sales clerk I talked to has not been there. I wanted to tell her how much our talk helped me.

I believe this was an event that God intended to happen. You see the night before, I had talked with a friend about not meeting people, not being able to get my feet on solid ground and how alone I felt. I told my friend that I needed to someone to give me a hug and tell me everything would be okay. I was really down in the dumps that day when I went into that dress shop. I needed that hug even if it was from a stranger. That made it all the more important to me, because she understood.

I pray every night and ask God to show me the path that I need to take to get my life in order again and to guide me in the right direction. This event is only one of many that have been
God’s work.

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Inmatez Wife said...

God works in mysterious ways!! That is great that you went into that shop---you listened to God.