Friday, April 20, 2007

I Am Getting Old – Part Eleven

I am getting old because…I found some more topics yesterday and as I examine them and write, I think these too have nothing to do with aging but are things that have always bothered my and now I have the time to write about them.

First is opening a new roll of aluminum foil. It is hard enough to get the flap open without getting a paper cut, which really hurts the thicker the paper is, but try to get the end of the roll pulled up so you can tear it off as needed. It gets turned in and will not pull or it pulls and tears so you have all these little edges at the ends of the roll and have to peal them off so it stays even. Then when I put it in the drawer next to the stove, the lid will not stay down and when I open the drawer next time, it gets hung on the lid of the foil. You would think that I would move it to another place like the top shelf in the cabinet over the sink but that is not where I want it. I want it in that drawer next to the stove.

Second is my coffee pot. It takes to long to “make coffee” and really makes to much noise while it does. I get up really early and of course, there is no other noise at that time of the morning so all you can hear is the coffee pot “gurgling and sputtering”. I am always afraid it will wake my husband up but so far, he sleeps through it although I cannot understand why. The other thing about the coffee pot is trying to pour the water in using the “pot” itself. Mine did not come with one of those pitchers to use. When pouring the water in, it goes everywhere but in the “water holder” or whatever you call it. It dribbles down my arm, onto the kitchen counter, down the side of the coffee pot, under the microwave. No matter how I hold it or try to move it, the same thing happens. It is enough to make me quit drinking coffee. NOT!!! I forgot the markings on the side of the pot. Mine is a “12 cup” pot. Give me a break. The cups I have are normal size and I am lucky if I get 4 cups from the pot of coffee. They must have used cups for a miniature tea set when determining how many cups the pot holds.

Third is trying to open the plastic containers that things are packed in when you buy them. I know they are probably made they way they are to keep people from stealing small items from a store but give me a break. I have tried using a knife, scissors and any other sharp object I can find to penetrate the plastic to remove my purchase. I just bought a new computer and printer with a new printer cable (which did not come with the printer but had to be purchased separately, another topic as well as the cost of MS Office Software, which I consider highway robbery. This is the topic of Part Twelve). It took me about a half hour to get the plastic package open to get the cable out of the package. That was a record for me as I usually can get in them in about fifteen minutes.

Well that is enough for part eleven. I am going to get the last cup of coffee from my pot that spills not only the water, but also the coffee when I pour it into my cup.


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Thank you for sharing.

Enjoy your weekend, Sylvia.

RUTH said...

How I agree. I hate those little milk cartons too...and sachets of ketchup or mustard that say "tear here" but never tear.

Jeni said...

Boy, can I ever relate to what you said about the foil wrap (or saran wrap too) and the plastic used to seal merchandise in it and you need a small bomb to get the packages open! Probably could hand it off to my granddaughter who is three and she'd be able to do it in a snap I suppose though. As slick as she is at getting into other things, why should that stuff be any different!

Shelby said...

I too am getting old and it's annoying.

I REALLY enjoyed reading your blog this morning. Jeni, at Down River Drivel recommendened you on her blog... fabulous!

Come see me sometime at my blog and take care and happy Monday such that it is in my oldness.