Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Am Getting Old – Part Ten

I am getting old because… Lucky you, I came up with a couple of more topics just as Part Nine was finished. I looked up the word expound, to be sure it was really a word and not something I dreamed up, on a Website I use and this is what I found.

Definitions of expound:
Verb: state
Verb: add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing

The first definition makes sense and the second started out okay, then the last part threw me off course. Now I have to look up “discourse and a learned way” to ensure I know what they mean so I know what expound means. What I would really like to find is an online dictionary that uses plain ole words to give a definition and a few examples of how the word is used in a sentence would not be to shabby either. If you ask me, no one did, it is a vicious circle. One good thing is that I am learning many new words. I guess this proves the saying, that you are never too old to learn something new. Writing this brought to mind a teacher I once had. She told us we should pick out a new word everyday, learn and understand the definition. We should then use it 10 times that day in a sentence. Then we would own that word.

The other thing I thought of to write about is writing. When I was in school, I could hardly write one paragraph for a book report, theme paper or term paper. Now I cannot stop writing. The words come into my mind faster than my fingers can type and the result is that I leave some of them out of a sentence. That is why I have turned into a very good proofreader, I hope. When I type, I will look down at my hands and then back at the monitor. It looks like garbage because I got my fingers on the wrong keys during the glance down and back up. Then the hard part is I have try and figure out what I was trying to type. Either I have more to say now that I am getting older or it is just easier to type on a computer than to use pen and paper to write. For some reason I do not understand that makes me sad. Maybe I do understand, the hand written words have such a personal touch to them.

I now carry a notebook in my purse so when I get an idea or thought, I can make a few notes for myself because if I do not make a note, I cannot remember it by the time I get home. Not only am I getting older but also, my short-term memory sometimes takes a vacation at the most inopportune time. I know that when people see me grappling around inside my purse like a wild “person”, they must think I am strange. Remember the panic from clutter, not finding my notebook in my purse generates the same panic. I have to find that notebook before I lose the thought.

Until I find the next topic, so long for now.


RUTH said...

I'm guilty of making up words since I started bogging...blogaround, blogpal, etc

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I think Wiki is a good place to find the meaning of a word. It is written by 'us'. So, it's easily comprede.

I can relate what you wrote on this post, maybe it's because I'm getting old too.