Friday, May 11, 2007

I Am Getting Old - Part Fourteen

I am getting old because…I really am. I went to the doctor Thursday, May 3rd and he confirmed that I have a pinched nerve in my left arm or somewhere on the left side. (WebMD was right.) I go back this coming Thursday, May 17th for an EMG to see where and which nerve is “pinched” so it can be treated. This brings me to the topic for today. WHEN SOMEONE HAS A PROBLEM, WHY IS IT ALWAYS 2 or 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE TEST CAN BE DONE? Now I know why people go to the emergency room rather than to their doctor. They can get an answer in a few hours versus a few weeks. I had an EMG several years ago and do not relish the thought of having needles stuck in my arm and neck again. The same doctor is also treating the arthritis in my knee and wants to use a new medication which is INJECTED into the knee once a week for three or four weeks. NOT! He led me to believe there was only one injection but the brochure he gave me to read says it has to be done for three or four weeks. I do not trust anyone to stick a needle in my knee or anywhere else for that matter so I have decided I will live with the pain in the knee for the time being and just get the “sleeping fingers” taken care of for now. That is way more needles than I can take for a while.

It is a good thing that I really like this doctor and do not want to go to anyone else because on the third, I had to wait over an hour to see him. His daughter was graduating the next day from nursing school and they had doubled up on appointments on Thursday so he could take Friday off to attend the graduation. Plus someone had x-rays taken of their back and needed to see a surgeon right away which was called a “patient emergency” and delayed the remainder of the appointments for Thursday. I know I am retired and most of the time do not have anything pressing to do but my time is just as valuable as anyone else’s. I think I should charge the doctor for the time I waited. I have always felt this way. I am not a very patient person and when I have an appointment, I am always on time and expect to be seen at the appointed time.

One last thing for today, the weather is finally warming up and with the good weather comes the flowers, grass, POLLEN and allergies. I have sneezed and blown my nose so much it is getting to be a nuisance. I think I could qualify for the Guinness World record for sneezing. This is the worst year I can remember for allergies. When we go to the store or out shopping everyone is sniffling and wiping their noses. (Makes me want to buy stock in Kleenex.) The pollen is so bad this year that our black car now looks sort of yellowish or greenish with all the pollen on it.


RUTH said...

2 or 3 weeks over hear would be a SPEED record. My father (80) has finally had it confirmed that he has hearing problems....his referral appointment is in TWO years! I really hope your problem gets solved quickly with or without needles. My sister used to suffer from Hayfever and since taking Propolis (for colds) seems to be having less problems with the hayfever.

talj said...

{{{HUGS}}} to you Sylvia! I had surgery just over 3 years ago for a 'pinched nerve' in my left arm. The scar they left me with is just horrible and sadly due to using the crutches so much the symptoms I had back then have returned which means I'm back to where I started only now I have an ugly scar along my elbow :o( I do hope they can treat your problem much easier and with much less mess than they did mine!!

{{{HUGS}}} xx

ScOuT said...

Well, I laughed really hard at your first sentence, Sylvia...."because I am!" You are witty and clever.
I can relate to the doctor and the waiting for an appointment thing. The first time I went here in TN, I was only one of two patients there and it took two hours to see her. I was very irritated and will never go back there! I have been known, in the past, to get up and leave if my wait is over a 1/2 hour. Everyone's time is important retired, working, unemployed, or a physician. Agreed with you wholeheartedly!
As for the pollen....I emailed you all of that part of the story....
Glad you have some initial answers to your numbing problem and hope they can come to a workable solution for you.
It is really nice to see a new post from you!

Jeni said...

I hate waiting in dr's offices, mainly because I suspect they put something in the air there that makes it very rarified and causes me to want to fall asleep within ten minutes. Maybe that is so the patient doesn't recall how long they had to wait?
I had two herniated discs in my lower back following surgery for a colon resection which required about three months of physical therapy to get me able to walk/sit half way decently again. But the pain persisted and I eventually was shipped off to a pain management dr who injected something - can't remember now what it was though - into my spine. It didn't remove all the pain completely but did alleviate it a lot for me. I know what you mean about the needles thing - I don't like them either.

vicariousrising said...

The pollen is horrible here too. I've been arguing with my highly allergic son about the care he needs to take to keep his under control. The joys of motherhood.

I don't know why it takes so long to get necessary tests done. The whole healthcare system perplexes the hell out of me.

RUTH said...

Can't find your comment box on Part 15; I have the same problem being called Sir but like you find short hair easier. I've always wanted to have really red hair (I'm naturally dark though the years have turned me grey), would look silly on me now though.