Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Am Getting Old – Part Thirteen

I am getting old because…today I have nothing to say and haven’t for a few days. Just kidding. For some reason, I have been at a loss for words, if you can believe that. I am going to the doctor today, hurrah. There is something wrong with the nerves in my left arm and two of my fingers are not “awake”. You know the feeling you get when circulation has been restricted in a body part and it starts to come back (wake up). I do not have a medical degree but WebMD has me convinced it is the nerves. Today will tell me for sure if I can trust the site.

I just remember something to write about. Every time I “reboot” my computer, Vista, the super duper new operating system from Microsoft attempts to install a printer driver for my printer even though it is not compatible with Vista. Even though I click on cancel when the install starts, it does something to the driver I downloaded for the printer to work. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time reinstalling the correct driver so I can print. If you haven’t used or seen Vista you are in for a surprise. Vista sort of has the look of Windows but is really different and things are hard to find. I am beginning to learn my way around and still find new things each day. I downloaded a trial version of MS Office and that is really different. It seems Microsoft has revamped all their software to “make things easier” but they should warn the user how much different things are.

Since my cat Morris has decided he is going to sit in my lap while I type, I will close this for today and see what I can find for another time.


Jeni said...

I'd been reading up here and there a little about Vista and that little bit of self-knowledge plus opinions from some others who advised never to get a new OS until it has been out at least a year and kinks worked out, so when I went shopping for a new computer in late January, I was dismayed to learn ALL the new models were coming out with Vista pre-installed. Talk about being force-fed, huh? Well, no way Jose for me. My solution - I went to a local computer shop and told the guy there what I wanted and got this puppy - with XP, which for me after 8 years of Windows 98, is a challenge enough to learn the nitty gritty of using it. Still learning, slowly, but at least my old software works on this one as well as my printer too! So far, anyway! LOL

vicariousrising said...

I have Vista and it's not impressing me thus far. It's not allowing me to install my mobile broadband, yet I am being charged by my phone service. Driving me freaking nuts.

Hope your nerve problem is fixable. Maybe carpal tunnel? What the heck do I know? Just ignore me. Just making idle chatter. :)

ScOuT said...

I am gonna guess it is a problem with your neck -- only because I have had the same thing in the past.
Plz let us know what is up, o.k?
Funny comment about cats -- Aza (pronounced Ah-zah)will sit on our laps and if we pick up the keyboard to type, she lets us put it right on top of her! She just sleeps underneath while we type away -- silly cat!
Agreed, cats rock.

RUTH said...

I remember when I first got my computer 7 months soon as I turned it on I was notified that there were was old before I even started!!!

Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

Believe it or not, I've been teaching myself about computer about nine months ago. Before that I know next to nothing about computer. I started out with IE but it became a bit troublesome when they can't stop any pop-up ads from showing. I then graduated to FF. Now I'm using both browser.

Enjoy your weekend, Sylvia.

Fran said...

i am staying at a friends place and they have a new macintosh, i can't get used to it after using the microsoft suite of products all my life (world dominiation i think it's called).

speaking of cats... i had two but had to get my mum to look after them for the previous two years whilst i travelled, i miss them to bits! mum keeps threatening to send me child support bills! she loves them so much. i'm just blah blah now. Take care :-)

ScOuT said...

How are you?
Missing your posts.