Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Good morning to all.  Another day, thank you God.  Rain and wind for the next several days.  Of course I have to be out on Saturday during this weather.  Makes you wonder why it is always sunny when you have no place to go. lol 

I have been sad the last couple of weeks since getting news from my friend that he is dying.  There has been a range of emotions to numerous to list.  I pray every night for a miracle and won't give up.  This is the first time in my life that someone that I love dearly knows in advance they are dying.  The other deaths I have experienced were sudden so there was not time to think about those people no longer being here on earth.  I am not sure which is better.  I don't mean to sound morose but death is a fact of life, one that is not easy to talk about.  I write poetry and the day that I got the email from my friend, I wrote this poem.  It sums up the feelings that I experienced.


Unbearable palpable pain,
heart ripped from its mooring
in the safe harbor of your love.
Silent screams escape trembling lips,
tears erupt, cascade down my cheeks.

No breath will come,
only gasps between sobs,
hands pull hair,

moans of anguish won't quit.

It's not fair, you cannot leave,

you cannot die.
Never lied to me,
it must be true,
how could you!
We're supposed to be together forever,
now you are going away,

leaving me here alone.

Resignation, acceptance arrives,
takes its place in my soul.
Knowledge that we loved in another life
gives comfort, we will love again,
another time, wait for me, my darling.

Copyright © 2010 Sylvia All Rights Reserved

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