Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday In Indiana

Good morning to all.  I made it another day, thanks to God and that is a good thing.  Weather today is forecast to be in the 70's and windy with rain for the next several days.  Of course that changes quickly.  I found my niece on Facebook and we reconnected after several years.  She is a grandmother now.  That is so hard to believe. (smiles).  Rachelle and her husband David are taking the entire family to Florida for vacation this week.  Makes me wish I was on that trip with them.  Speaking of Facebook, I still have not really conquered this site. lol  For some reason I have a mental block in learning how things on there work.  But never fear, if I keep poking around the site, I may overcome it.  I will not give up until I do. lol  That's about all that I have to say today, kind of boring I know but that is what is going on with me now.  See you tomorrow with more boring things.

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