Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beyond My Comprehension

I read the news online everyday at the news channels and newspapers and I cannot believe the things that people do to each other, children and to animals. I am appalled at the behavior these people feel entitled to force upon others. What gives them the right to kill, rape, abuse, kidnap, and destroy the lives of the victims and their families?

There must be some inherent evil in those who commit these acts. A majority are repeat offenders. Perhaps if the punishment they received for their first crime had been harsh enough, there would not be a second one. But then again if they are truly evil, then nothing will deter them other than death.

What do we as a society have to do to stop these acts? Do we build more prisons for the killers, rapists, abusers, kidnappers? Do we take a stand and demand stiffer sentences for them? Or do we sit back and let things be as they are? Do we adopt the punishments of other countries that don’t seem to “coddle” the criminals? Do we let our fellowman; children and animals continue to be the victims? Do we insist that the US Congress and State Governments enact laws with some “teeth” in them to make it more difficult for hardcore criminals to get out of prison? There are no easy answers. But something needs to be done to stop this madness.

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Lowdown said...

I totally /whole heartedly agree.
I have said exactly the same thing on my site...